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The Center for FaithJustice

Like working for justice? Like seeing faith in action? Of course you do! You’re my blog readers! So go read this blog, a fantastic series of reflections on service-learning, community, and justice-seeking:  The Center for FaithJustice.

It features a couple Domers, to boot!


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Laetare Address- worth a read

For those who don’t know, the Laetare Medal is awarded at Notre Dame every year to the most exemplary American Catholic. This year the recipients were Sister Mary Scullion, R.S.M and Joan McConnon of Project H.O.M.E. Their whole speech is worth reading, but this is my favorite quote:

“It might seem a strange thing to say to people who are about to launch professional careers, but we are convinced we must be people who see beyond what we can touch and weigh and measure and count. We must be people who believe — believe in the essential dignity of the human person.”

Read more at Laetare Address.


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These seven students have more courage in their pinky fingers than I have in my whole body

More than 100 protesters led by seven young people brought to the United States as young children — and who were later arrested after blocking traffic in protest — marched through downtown Atlanta to raise awareness about undocumented youths.

After a rally in Hurt Park near Georgia State University, protesters delivered a letter to the school’s admissions office which asked GSU officials not to comply with a ban on undocumented immigrants that takes effect this fall. The Georgia Board of Regents in October voted to prohibit undocumented students from attending five of the state’s most selective colleges.

After delivering the letter to surprised admissions officials, the hundreds-strong crowd marched and chanted “Education, not deportation,” “Undocumented and unafraid” and “Education, not segregation.”

The seven undocumented youths then unfurled banners and sat in the middle of Courtland Street, blocking traffic for close to an hour before they were all arrested. Late Tuesday evening, U.S. Customs and Immigration enforcement officials were reportedly determining whether the arrested students would face deportation.

via Immigration rally ends in arrests after protesters block downtown street | Atlanta News & Opinion Blog | Fresh Loaf | Creative Loafing Atlanta.

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Please click over and read this today

Some of the most elegant and accurate writing I have ever read about God’s silence. Thank you, Annie, for putting into words how I feel when I pray.  I hope the Lord turns your mourning into dancing soon.


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Your good deed for the day

If you  have two seconds to spare (and who doesn’t have two seconds?) please click over to and vote for Matt’s t-shirt design for Georgia Tech’s annual Pi Mile race. Matt’s design is called “Run, Buzz, Run!”

Now, come on, that’s an awesome design. You should go vote for it! Thanks 😉

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Three cheers for the Carter Center :-)

The Carter Center, the former president’s humanitarian organization, will be sending a delegation to Egypt within a few weeks to visit with military leaders, help draft a constitution and set up democratic elections for September.

via Jimmy Carter: Democracy, Not Muslim Brotherhood, Will Prevail in Egypt – Campus Chatter.

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Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me.

The Appropriations Committee’s spending cut list includes a cut in the LIHEAP Contingency Fund — $390.3 million less than what was approved for Fiscal Year 2010 and $590 million less than what the President requested for the current fiscal year.

The Contingency Fund is a pot of money that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services may release to states and other recipients, including the District of Columbia, when needs for home energy assistance rise due to a spike in prices, a natural disaster or some other “emergency,” including unusually cold weather.

Last year, HHS used the entire $590 million that had been budgeted. The Appropriation Committee’s cut would bring the appropriation down to $200 million. Virtually all of it has already been spent.

Meanwhile, the President’s proposed Fiscal Year 2012 budget cuts the regular LIHEAP block grant by about 50%. This, says an unnamed administration official, would bring total program funding, “in real terms” to what it was during the Clinton administration. Why the booming days of the mid-1990′s should be an appropriate measure is anybody’s guess.

I can’t help wondering why LIHEAP has been targeted for any cut at all. In terms of the total $3.73 trillion budget, the savings would be miniscule. The impact on low-income households wouldn’t be.

via Low-Income Energy Assistance Gets The Ax.

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