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Big News

Probably everyone already knows from Facebook and word of mouth, but… I’M ENGAGED! 😀

Furthermore, I’M GETTING MARRIED IN TWO MONTHS. Which is no time at all in wedding world, and explains why I haven’t been around to blog about the hugest news ever. I want to tell you the story of the engagement… it’s so cute… but until I have time:


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At long last


Joey and I are taking it easy tonight. Things have been hectic around here for a while lately, so it feels awesome to spend an evening chilling out. Joey’s working on Latin homework and I’m finally exploring options for creating a photo book from all of my traveling photos. Looks like I’ll be going with Shutterfly again. I love their flexibility and layout options. I’m so glad to finally be DOING something with all these photos! Soon I will have something to show off when people ask how Greece and Israel were.

In case you’re wondering, the photo above is from Nauplion, Greece’s capitol before Athens became the capitol again. It’s a beautiful European town with quite the impressive Venetian fortress.


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Guess what guys?! My family is going to be at Notre Dame this weekend. Dad is going to be here in about 10 minutes (He drove up. Let’s just stop and think about how early he had to leave to get here by 5:30. GA is a long way away, people) and my mom and little brother are flying into Chicago tomorrow. With any luck, they will get here in time to get a Knights steak sandwich before the game. Joey’s folks and his aunt and uncle from Cinci are already here. Hurray, family!

Now I need to head out because I’m going to go walk around the Notre Dame football field with this guy:

Photo 1

Ok, MAYBE this photo is actually three years old, and was taken when I first got my MAC and was playing around with Photo Booth. Irrelevant, we look pretty much the same anyway. Also, yes, we look exactly alike.

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11-2-05 to 11-2-09



On Monday, Joey and I celebrated our fourth anniversary. (Fourth! FOUR YEARS. We’re twenty-one years old, people! Four years is a LONG time in Laura years.) Our celebrations were hampered by the fact that our anniversary fell on a school day and I was out of town all weekend, but Joey worked hard to make up for it by pulling out all the stops Monday evening. (Before we went to the student center to do homework. Because that’s the kind of people we are.)

First, we went to 5:15pm Mass in the Basilica. It’s always sort of hard to be appropriately sombre and reflective for All Souls Day when we’re thrilled to be celebrating our anniversary! Pray for the souls in purgatory… then go have a fun night out! I wonder if Joey thought this through when he asked me out four years ago 😉

After Mass, Joey informed me that we had 7:30 reservations at a mysterious restaurant. We went back to our dorms to change into appropriate attire, and then he picked me up with a bouquet of a dozen red roses waiting for me in the front seat. (First dozen roses from a boyfriend! My dating life is complete.)

The mysterious restaurant turned out to be Club Noma, a very, very chic eatery in the middle of downtown South Bend. Neither of us had been inside before, so we were a little floored at just how chic. Joey took it all in stride, but then he didn’t have to deal with a waiter pulling out his chair for him. The restaurant is decorated in a very modern style, but I liked it.

…. Waah, I have to go. If this wasn’t NaBloPoMo month, I would just save this as a draft and finish it later, but since I have to post something today…. TO BE CONTINUED!

:epic suspenseful music:

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Did I mention I’m flying to Texas?

Here I am, waiting for my thoroughly delayed flight to board at OHare, when it occurrs to me I forgot to tell you bloggies about this short trip! I’m heading to Texas for the weekend- no, not for the Notre Dame game in San Antonio… wait for it… I’m going to my cousin’s wedding! Hurray, weddings! And seeing family! My mom will be there plus all her siblings, including the one who just got home from dam-building in Afghanistan. Hurray!

I realized I couldn’t show up to this shindig with hair thta hadn’t been cut in a year (hush, don’t tell me I could have, it was a good excuse). Ergo, haircut! More about the salon that did it later- I’m all about blogettes sharing their reviews of local businesses- but for now, picture! It’s short. And split end free! Anyway, I’ll write about the wedding/ my mom’s awesome family/ cowboy hats and BBQ on Sunday for the beginning of NaBloPoMo. Have a great and festive weekend, everyone!


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ND Hockey Season Opener

Hola muchachos-

It’s midterms week, which is code for Laura’s brain is fried. To tide you over until I can get these papers written…

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We’re serious about our hockey here :-). A whole group of us got all decked out, but unfortunately the group photos still reside on my camera- I shot this on my iPhone. Anyway, more stories, photos, and rambling thoughts coming your way soon…


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