Lent is coming

“Christ’s discipleship today ought to have more to do with our Lord’s concern for the poor of the earth, and for the earth itself, than with our individualistic lifestyles.”

via Lent gets an update: More add social service to sacrifice – USATODAY.com.

I’ve decided I’m giving up fancy coffee drinks. I’ll still drink coffee (I can’t help it, I need the caffeine), but I don’t like drip coffee nearly as much as lattes and the like, so it will definitely be a sacrifice. I’m always complaining I don’t make enough money to tithe, but by spending less at coffee shops and on coffee drinks at the grocery store, I will have no excuse but to contribute to the offertory every Sunday of Lent, whether financially or through food stamp-funded donations. I’ve heard it said that you should always try to give up something that you aren’t quite sure that you can give up. This is it for me. What about you?



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2 responses to “Lent is coming

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  2. Linda G

    Well stated. This year being gentle with myself and exercise with back to healthy life style. Which calls me back to simplicity.

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