When Matt met St. Pius X

Matt and I went to a funeral at my church today, for my mother’s friend Carol. It was very beautiful, by the way- the perfect mix of grief and joy. This was Matt’s first time visiting my church, and given that the event drew many parishioners in my parents’ circle of friends, it was bound to be an interesting encounter. But I wasn’t quite prepared for just how interesting. Some sample quotes:

  • (Looking at me) “And he’s cute!”  Matt, hesitantly: “Thank… you..”
  • “You know the two most important words in a marriage? Yes, dear.”
  • “This is my boyfriend, Matt.” “Another one? How many do you have now?” ( That one was my pastor. Yep.)
  • “So, is this your fiance?” “Um, not quite yet.” ” You brought him here, he must be your fiance.” “Ha.. ha..” Matt: “We’re working on it.” “You’re working on her or she’s working on you?” “Yes.” “When’s the date?” Me: “Um… my family’s leaving me, I should go catch up with them…” And then we tried to extricate ourselves for another five minutes before running away.
  • “You better treat her right. I’m gonna beat you.” (Yeah.. not “if you don’t treat her right, I will beat you”… just a straight-up promise. )

As usual, Matt handled it all with grace. Thank goodness I have a boy with a sense of humor.



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2 responses to “When Matt met St. Pius X

  1. Jules

    HA! I also thought “He’s cute!” Funny funny!

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