I smirk every time this conversation comes to mind

Lowes plumbing guy with a British accent: “You need any help there, lass?”

Me: “Nope, I’m good, thanks.”

twenty minutes of pondering later

Me: “Ok, I need help. This shopping list was given to me by volunteers and I have no idea what some of these things are.”

LPGWABA: “Not to worry, love!”

Insert ten-fifteen minutes of plumbing discussion here, in which I repeatedly rebuff and ignore flirting attempts and am obviously getting a little annoyed. He seems confused that I haven’t offered him my phone number yet. I guess, in his mind, he had performed all the steps: complement my eyes, praise my school (I was wearing my Notre Dame jacket), and tell me I’m a hero for wanting to work with low-income people.

LPGWABA: “You better watch out, a woman talking plumbing to me- tends to get me all excited.” (puts a hand to his heart dramatically)

Me: Derisive snort. Mean, but I couldn’t help myself.

LPGWABA: Taken aback for a moment.  “You’re one of those independent lasses, aren’t you? Like… strongly independent.”

Me: “Yep, pretty much.”

My momma taught me that, mister 😉



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4 responses to “I smirk every time this conversation comes to mind

  1. HA. Hilarious. Encounters at Lowes. It could be a show.

  2. mary.savoldi

    I think you Momma is very smart! I love the pictures they are great and I love you and think of you daily. You are such a special young lady and have so much love to share with everyone. Have a great day and even better weekend! love, Aunt mary

  3. Elizabeth

    I don’t think I had anything to teach you as to independence! I read this initially with some dismay as mothers tend to do (how late was it, what part of town were you in, was anyone else around?), then eased my discomfort remembering the infamous line you got from another salesman, “Be careful driving home with that pizza, Boy.”

    • Ouch! I like to think my feminine-ness has improved somewhat since my 7th grade days of short hair and baggy clothes. But not to worry- it was around 4, I was in a busy Lowes, and there was nothing sketchy about it. Just annoying.

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