Yesterday I shared an article in this space written by the Atlanta Housing Authority. I have received no feedback, negative or otherwise, about my post, but in case it ruffled any feathers, I decided to take it down. Even though I am an Americorps member serving at Habitat, and that is clearly stated in my profile message to the right, everything written here is entirely my own opinion. I posted the article because I thought it was an interesting piece about life in my city that was worth reading and discussing. I wanted to get the article out to a wider audience. Nevertheless, in case anyone interprets me as a representative of Habitat, I rethought the wisdom of my (mostly positive) post. I would never want to do anything to hurt the operations of my organization or of AHA. The line between what I can write about because this city is my home and I love it, and what I need to avoid writing about for professional reasons, is not always clear to me. If by chance I offended someone, please accept my apology. I would be more than happy to discuss this further if any reader wants to talk with me through email instead of my comments box. Just click the “Contact Me” link in the header of this page to shoot me an email. Thanks.


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