St. Jerome Emiliani

My saint for the year, chosen through the Saint Name Generator, is St. Jerome Emiliani. He is the patron of abandoned people. I look forward to getting to know him. I think that he will lead me to greater self-sacrifice on behalf of the people I serve. I tend to serve as much as I can until it becomes detrimental to me- I always preserve my own standard of living. Maybe it’s time to reflect on that.

Thousands suffered in his beloved city. Jerome devoted himself to service to the poor and suffering around him. He felt a special call to help the orphans who had no one to care for them. All the loved ones who would have protected them and comforted them had been taken by sickness or starvation. He would become their parent, their family.

via Catholic Online.



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3 responses to “St. Jerome Emiliani

  1. Vanessa

    Where did you get this picture? Can someone get printing rights to this?

  2. I would like to borrow your picture of St. Jerome Emiliani for my blog. Today is his feast day and I like to share something about him to my friends and other people. I will acknowledge you in my blog. ^_^

    You can visit my blog in

    Thank you!

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