Hope your Christmas was lovely

Mine sure was. It mainly consisted of the delicate/ frenetic/ exciting dance of balancing my commitment to my family as well as to Matt and his family. Luckily, I gave up a long time ago on ever feeling satisfied with the results of this hopeless exercise, and my parents have grown accustomed to sharing me with others. I’m sure it tugged at my mother’s heartstrings when I missed Christmas Eve Mass with them in order to attend Matt’s extended family’s Christmas celebration and their traditional midnight Mass, but she is awesome about keeping the guilt to a minimum. She knows how hard I’m trying. In the end, my Christmas was beautiful as only a new relationship’s first Christmas can be. It was also exhausting, and I was pretty grateful to come home to my empty house last night and nestle back into my routines.  It helped that there was one last present waiting for me in the mailbox…

Finally!! I’ve never been so excited to go grocery shopping 🙂


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