Things that currently make my heart sing:

  • Praying Evening Prayer for social justice with faith-filled Dominican priests (who not only taught the congregation how to pray the Hours, but taught us how to chant!)
  • A church where community is a lived reality
  • Rain drumming on my office’s tin roof
  • Discovering the best pulled pork ever at a hole-in-the-wall Irish pub
  • The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver (I’m pretty sure that everything she writes turns to gold)
  • Perching unsteadily on the edge of the grad school process- tingling with excitement and uncertainty
  • A faith-sharing small group that has grown from a collection of disparate strangers to a circle of unlikely friends
  • A beautiful, devoted friend who is putting aside the pressing needs of daily life to fly down to Atlanta and nourish my heart when I need it most
  • Deep, loud laughter and true, undeniable joy.

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One response to “Enamored

  1. Meg

    You go to a Dominican church? I love the Dominicans. The priests at my school are Dominicans. And their version of the Salve Regina is gorgeous. I learned how to do the Hours from nuns at a Dominican monastery that is closely connected to my school. They’re great.

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