I will make a scarf!

Cable Knit Scarf, originally uploaded by AllThingsLovely.

That sentence was both exclamative and declarative, in case you were wondering.

I chose this pattern from All Things Lovely, and at lunch today I bought some lovely blue yarn from a store called Sheepish. Sheepish! Doesn’t that scream adorable, soft and cuddly?! This scarf is going to be AWESOME. No, it’s not cheaper than buying a scarf from Target, and yes, I already have a bazillion scarves, but this one I am going to knit, all on my own, start to finish, no giving up. SO THERE.



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2 responses to “I will make a scarf!

  1. linda

    Congratulations! if the pattern doesn’t already tell you, garter stitch the edges so the sides won’t curl up.

  2. That pattern looks gorgeous. Knitting a scarf is such an accomplishment (total bragging rights!) and not as time-consuming as you’d think. Find a friend to knit with, or watch a movie as you knit, and the time will fly by. Be extra careful if you pick to watch a movie, though – if you get too engrossed in the plot, you might end up dropping stitches. 🙂

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