Movie: When Did I See You Hungry?

Part of my immersion process into my new life has been joining a social justice class at my new church. The program is called Just Faith, and it’s a fantastic 30 week class in which the participants learn about what our faith has to say about poverty, while they bond into a small faith community. I’m in Week 3 now. At our last class, we watched a movie called “When Did I See You Hungry?” by photographer Gerry Straub. I knew I had to share this with you because rarely has a film about poverty moved me so much. I like to think that I know poverty. I’ve taken classes, I’ve done hands on work, I’ve enlightened myself. I have moved past the shocked and startled phase. Friends, not only did this movie document the horrors of world hunger in a way that broke me out of my self-assured “I know all about this” mentality, but it made me ask myself deep, real questions. About why I chose to work with domestic poverty instead of going abroad. About why I gloss over third world poverty when I think about my responsibilities to the world. These were hard questions, and they needed to be asked. Basically, I chose domestic poverty because it’s comfortable. I know the language and culture. Family and friends will always be close by. I get a high standard of living. My future kids will get excellent education. And those aren’t necessarily bad things… but they are if they make me deaf and blind to what God wants from me. I’m not taking off to save the world any time soon, but I am holding these new insights in mind when I think about the future. It’s never a comfortable thing to be reminded that you’re selfish, especially when you thought you were doing pretty good in that area. Anyway, it’s an important, challenging movie. You should see it. And show it to your friends, classes, and churches. And then TALK about it, and what it means for your life. Just my two cents.



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2 responses to “Movie: When Did I See You Hungry?

  1. Gerry Straub

    Making that film changed my life.

    Gerry Straub

    • Thank you so much for making that film! I’ve seen its extraordinary effects just in my small Just Faith group. Part of serving the poor is making them visible to a world that ignores them. You manage to do that without once coming off as preachy or condescending. It’s a gift.

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