Thanks for sticking around.

Today I clicked over to check on my poor abandoned blog, and lo and behold, people still visit. At about the same rate as they did when I was actually posting daily. I don’t know why you people keep coming back to an un-updated blog, but thank you. It made me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I’m beginning to think that the photo a day project is a wash. A new laptop may be in my near future, but a month is just too long to catch up. And let’s be honest- I haven’t been taking my photos. I’ve been way too busy settling into a new house and job and life.

Which is going well, by the way. Our house has been something of a comedy of errors (today Mr. Whirlpool Man will be making his second repair visit to our house, this time for the fridge) but our office has been fantastic about getting things fixed quickly. They even gave us a grocery store gift card for the food that spoiled thanks to our fridge only cooling to 60 degrees.

I’m still not a fan of long distance (who is?) but I think we’re getting used to the concept. We call, we talk, we share about our lives. It’s a process.

I suppose the most dramatic news is that my darling car, Atkins, was totaled in a hit and run last Sunday. I’m fine, no worries. I was hit in my left front wheel and it broke the axle. The idea is to get a gently used Honda or Toyota, use the insurance money as the down payment and rely on my parents to cover the payments for a year. Since, you know, a payment will be more than one of my paychecks. Oy. This was not the plan, but, as usual, my parents rock and have handled this development with very little noticeable gnashing of teeth.

Financially, I’m getting used to being stressed about my budget all the time. It’s all about balancing. And hoping that the food stamps people get back in touch with us soon.

Oh, and I picked a church! Our Lady of Lourdes in downtown ATL. They’re my kind of people- diverse, musical, social justice-y, and engaged in their community. They have a million things going on, from a social justice class (that I might have already volunteered to lead…) to a book club that only reads fiction about other nationalities and cultures. Yep.

And, of course, the job is great. I’m beginning to get the lay of the land. Soon, I might not ask questions every five minutes. Well, I probably will, but hopefully they will be more profound and insightful, and less “How do I work the stamp machine?”

In short, life is going swimmingly. Sorry for not writing more, but thanks for loving me anyway.



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2 responses to “Thanks for sticking around.

  1. You need some comment love, too.

    Welcome…back? You never left.

  2. Meg

    Of course we visit. You never know when there might be a new post. This makes twice now that I’ve checked, not expecting anything, and found something 🙂

    O dear, I’m so sorry about your car. I’m glad you’re okay though. Hondas are good. Get a Honda. They last forever. Well, not forever, but you know what I mean lol

    I’m glad you and Joey are finding a way to make it work. Long distance is hard. But you two will make it. ❤

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