A new job, a surprise vacation, and the beginning of the rest of our lives

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After so many weeks in slow motion, with nothing happening except occasionally driving my brother to band practice, everything is suddenly in super-sonic mode. Life drastically changed in the last two weeks, and next week will bring the biggest changes of all. I figure this many life-altering events deserves a blog post. Even better, a LIST!

Change #1:

I got a job. Not very high paying, and only for a year, but a fantastic position with an excellent organization that can teach me a lot. I found out I had gotten the job (after a month of interviews) right before I traveled up to Notre Dame to help move Joey home. It’s a great fit and makes me very, very excited.

Change #2:

Joey came home. He gets a two-week break from his program before he ships out to Delaware. Reconnecting after doing the long distance thing is always bumpy, and we have had lots of long conversations about changes that need to be made in our relationship. These few months of long distance have been nothing compared to what the next year will bring. I saw him twice during his summer session, after all. Who knows when we will see each other this next year. We’re hoping he can come home for Christmas. To make long distance work for that long of a time, our relationship needs to be rock solid. Which means lots of changes.

Change #3:

Joey’s parents took us away on an amazing vacation to Miami. They didn’t tell us where we were going- we just packed our bags and went! I think the extra relaxation and stress relief was just what we both needed to recuperate from the stress of our respective summers (him with his intensive classes, me with being unemployed). GOOD change.

Change #4:

On Thursday, I turn 22. It feels like the official passage into adulthood. 21 is still college-aged, but 22 is firmly in the young adult age bracket. Without a doubt, I am no longer a child. Crazy.

Change #5:

Here’s the big one. On Saturday, Joey moves to Delaware. On Tuesday, we both start our new jobs. Two weeks after that, I most likely will move into housing that’s provided by my new job to me and other new young employees. In short, in a very brief period of time, we will both be living in new places (I will still be in the Atlanta area), with new housemates, and working new jobs. Wowza.

See? I wasn’t kidding. Changes. They be a-happenin’.



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3 responses to “A new job, a surprise vacation, and the beginning of the rest of our lives

  1. I’m thinking of you, and praying for you!!!!!!! You both will do great and grow so much!

    Praying! Much love!

  2. mary.savoldi

    I am so proud of you and Joey. Growing up can be hard. I remember when Joe was at Auburn and I was at Montevallo. We did not get to see each other but, when we did, we sure did leave each other much. I love the picture of your cat (Mark’s cat). It is funny to see them do strange things. I love you and I hope you have a great birthday tomorrow. Love, Aunt Mary

  3. Meg


    1) I’m glad to hear you guys enjoyed Miami. You two really needed it. I also have a confession to make: I didn’t actually know where you were going. I just wanted to see what your reactions would be if I knew the surprise, but you two weren’t any fun lol.

    2) I’m sure you and Joey will be fine. I know long distance is hard, but if it’s meant to be, the two of you will figure it out. You are both smart, strong people. You just need to have faith in each other, in yourselves, and in your relationship.

    3) Congrats on moving into the new apartment! You’ll do just fine with the change, I know it. (I’d say congrats on the job, but I’ve said it like 5 times already lol)

    4) My offer still stands on hanging out sometime. I don’t leave until Sept 4 so give me a call or something. Have a great birthday tomorrow!!! 🙂

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