In which I brag on my AWESOME friends

Guys, my friends have been doing some CRAZY COOL things with their lives recently, and I plan to use this post to brag about them shamelessly.

I briefly mentioned Matt and his invention competition the other day, but he deserves way more mad props for his accomplishments. Even NPR’s nationally-broadcasted Weekend Edition agrees:

That? That right there? That’s one of my best friends becoming famous, y’all. SO PROUD.

Secondly, my friend Francisco started a blog recently. I was excited to hear about this new writing venture of his, because HELLO, blogging = love. But then I clicked over to his new internet home, Constructive Uncertainty— and y’all, I was BLOWN away by this kid’s writing. He’s raw, honest, articulate, and funny. Everything a good blogger should be and more. Take a gander:

“Over the course of my writing you will see how uncertainty is kind of creative tension in my life that expands beyond the realm of religion. Uncertainty represents a humble stance toward the world. I am unfortunately given to philosophical thinking and questioning. I say unfortunately because thinking hard about life’s deepest questions can be very troubling. Philosophy is like cruel lover that I am irresistibly attracted to. I know she’s bad for me, but I can’t keep away. If I stayed away, I wouldn’t be me.”

Please stop by his blog and read his excellent posts in full. And try not to compare his quality of writing with mine, ok? Because I would fail miserably. 😉

Lastly, I want to again brag on my friend Brennan. She’s the one who took a break from Harvard med school to go work in Haiti with the ND program there. I don’t know if you’ve been reading her blog, but you really, REALLY should. Every post simultaneously rips my heart to pieces and fills me with hope. I think I hit Share in Google Reader on everything she writes. For example, from her last post:

“Resilience: walking to the partially condemned HSC building, Gary remarked it was his first time passing that way since the quake. We were right by his school, which collapsed killing at least a hundred. He was the only one in his class to survive. As I started to show the docs inside the hospital building, motioned he could wait in the yard. Confident reply, ‘I’m not afraid to enter.’ “

I think that one speaks for itself.

Conclusion: My friends are A-MAZING. And also totally deserving of my liberal use of caps lock in this post.


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  1. Thanks for the kind words. I like your blog and it’s nifty layout. Anyway, I’ll keep checking it out.

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