Long, hard day

Well, a part of the mystery of what happens after graduation has been revealed. Joey is going to Wilmington, Delaware for the next two years as a participant in Notre Dame’s ECHO program. This is very, very good news for him but very, very scary news for us. 764 miles, or thirteen hours driving, lie between home and his new abode. For two years. I have been distracted during classes today, to say the least. I don’t know how to get my mind around this because it is such a huge unknown. All I know is things are going to change, completely, and it will be a very lonely two years. Fear of being alone + fear of losing all control = Terrified Laura. So… prayers please. (Do I ever write without asking you to pray?)

Icing on the cake today:

  • a good friend lost a huge competition that by all rights, he should have won
  • our basketball team lost in the first round of March Madness, and our star player finished his career at ND with only four points in his last game
  • my favorite lion cubs are going to MEXICO
  • after class, I go straight to work, so Joey and I will have very little time together today and I won’t have time to be still with today’s news until 11 tonight
  • the ND graduation people informed that even though my last initial is G, I will be listed with the D’s, because that is their policy with curious last names like mine- way to tolerate diversity, ND!
  • my mommy is far away and I want a hug.

Good things that are making this day not quite so bad:

  • tulips poking through brown soil
  • a feel-better-frappuccino and a sympathetic barrista-friend who promised me Joey and I will be all right (when I can’t have my real mom, I take any substitute I can get)
  • excellent salad at lunchtime- thanks NDH salad bar!
  • somehow or another, all of this will teach me that God’s got this. It’s all about giving up control. I’m awful at this, so no wonder God takes away control so repeatedly in my life. I better be earning major brownie points for this. Half-joking.

Love you all. Thanks for listening.



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2 responses to “Long, hard day

  1. Elizabeth

    {{{{{HUG}}}}} – You know he really is nearly in Philadelphia and it costs $150 to fly round trip from ATL and you survived being separated for months halfway around the world! All will be well! Love you, Mom ( who graduated with the D’s also, BTW)

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