Daily Squee: Bulgy Bears

Hands down, the most hilarious and adorable characters in Prince Caspian. The book, not the movie- I don’t think they have much of a role in the movie. Anyway, I bet you can’t read this without smiling:

“On a fine summer morning when the dew lay on the grass he set off with the badger and the two dwarfs, up through the forest to a high saddle in the mountains and down on to their sunny southern slopes where one looked across the green wolds of Archenland. “We will go first to the three bulgy bears,” said Trumpkin. They came in a glade to an old hollow oak tree covered with moss, and Trufflehunter tapped with his paw three times on the trunk and there was no answer. Then he tapped again and a woolly sort of voice from inside said, “Go away. It’s not time to get up yet.” But when he tapped the third time there was a noise like a small earthquake from inside and a sort of door opened and out came three brown bears, very bulgy indeed and blinking their little eyes. And when everything had been explained to them (which took a long time because they were so sleepy) they said, just as Trufflehunter had said, that a son of Adam ought to be king of Narnia and all kissed Caspian – very wet, snuffly kisses they were – and offered him some honey. Caspian did not really want honey, without bread, at that time in the morning, but he thought it polite to accept. It took him a long time afterwards to get unsticky.”

via CLASSIC BULGY BEAR MOMENTS « terb’s world: my thoughts on NARNIA.



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3 responses to “Daily Squee: Bulgy Bears

  1. Well, and now I’m craving porridge, too.

    I prefer my bears stuffed. There’s a true story about Grizzly Bears in Alaska for another time.

  2. Linda

    Bulgy, Winnie the Pooh, Paddington, you can’t help but smile : ) Thanks.

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