Multitude Monday, resumed: # 36-45

When I saw Ann’s latest Multitude Monday post over at Holy Experience,  I knew I needed to resume my own gratitude list. I am nothing if not an affirmation junkie, and she hits the nail on the head when she writes about us. She says,

“When I can’t get enough love, I can go to the One who wildly can’t get enough of me, and when I start numbering all the ways He extravagantly loves, it’s this euphoria. Every other love drug can prove fatal.

I needed that call-out. Time to refocus on the love present in my life.

Tonight, at the end of a trying day and the dawn of a difficult week, I am thankful for:

36. Trees in winter. (Can you tell from my Photos of the Day how much I love them, their bare branches silhouetted against the sky?)

37. Joey’s warm hand on my knee when he knows from my face that I’m struggling.

38. C.S. Lewis-  his incredible relationship with God and his fantastic ability to point us all towards Him through his writings.

39. The fond memories we made at the beer festival this weekend.

40. The free Compline iPhone app, which provides this errant soul a way to close the day in prayer.

41. The practice I have adopted this year of taking a photo every day, because it has led me to look closer for the beauty and humor in my life.

42. An easy pre-break week and the promise of time at home.

43. The bubble and hiss of the radiator on a cold night.

44. The smell of fresh coffee grounds.

45. The small bit of time I have left at this university.

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4 responses to “Multitude Monday, resumed: # 36-45

  1. Annesta

    The smell of coffee grounds gets me going, too!
    I enjoyed stopping by to read your gratitude list. So happy you posted today.
    Grace to you

  2. I enjoyed reading your list. I have long sense graduated college, but I work at a university and enjoy being around all the young people. I think it keeps me young! I have a photo blog in addition to my primary blog and am taking a picture a day as well. I’m mainly trying to learn photography and how to use the camera. I’m no good at yet though! I don’t have a lot of time to do it, but I take at least one picture a day! Nice to meet you! I’ll see you in the gratitude community!

    • bronzedshoe

      Thanks, Stephani! I think the thing with photography is that you just have to keep at it. Posting a photo every day is forcing me to get creative!

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