I’m back… sort of.

Advent’s over and so is my blog/facebook/twitter fast. Trouble is, I can’t say I missed it all that much. Probably I will scale back what I do. I missed facebook the least, and I only missed reading a few celebrities and friends’ tweets. I missed blogging and reading certain blogs. We’ll see. Regardless, don’t expect to hear from me much this week. I’m heading down to Florida with Joey and his family for a funeral. His uncle passed away the day after Christmas. It was expected, but still somehow sudden.

Anyway, missed y’all. Glad to be back.



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2 responses to “I’m back… sort of.

  1. My prayers and love to his family. Glad to know you are doing ok!

  2. Linda

    Glad you’re back. Prayers for Joey’s uncle and your travels.

    My two cents – Blogging, Facebook, etc. is as good as most things, it’s what you use it for that makes the difference. If you use it as a way to keep up with your friends and family, especially those you don’t routinely see…: ) I’m just sayn’…Then it’s a productive thing. If it becomes and end to itself, makes you think more of yourself than of others ot pulls you out of living, then not good.

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