Thoughts while journeying home

The country may be wider than it is long, but its length is pretty long too.

Every so often, we hit a patch that smells like rotting garbage. Are that many landfills so close to the interstate?

Carbon Leaf and Coldplay are my favorite bands to drive to.

When my family learned I wouldn’t be getting in until after 3 in the morning, my mom immediately suggested a familial waffle house trip upon my arrival. My DAD tried to talk her out of it. Biggest role reversal I’ve ever heard of.

We are doing the family Thanksgiving thing on Saturday, so I’m not sure what we’re doing tomorrow. Maybe we’ll make turkey sandwiches for lunch, to give the holiday its due.

Nice to go a whole day with no new ND football drama. Eesh.

Home isn’t that far. Sweet.


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  1. Linda G

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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