Multitude Monday #26-30

Today, I am thankful for…

26. Easiest class scheduling ever. Hurray, lack of drama!

27. A full slate of wonderful classes for my last semester: a Peace Studies Senior Seminar, The Vocation of Peacebuilding, Religion & Autobiography, Ethnic Conflict in Comparative Perspective, C.S. Lewis, and my senior thesis.

28. A peaceful and gentle waking this morning- so rare in our hurry-up-and-go lives.

29. The Franciscans and all their excellent work in the Holy Land (and for their copious writings, which will fill my term paper with good quotes!)

30. The challenge of the next nine days and the break that lies beyond.

holy experience


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One response to “Multitude Monday #26-30

  1. Your classes sound amazing! You have a class on C.S. Lewis? Wow. I’ve been meaning to read some of his books, I keep hearing great things about them.

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