Morning, Sunshine

A few days ago, Joey came up to my room after his last class of the day and promptly fell asleep on my bed. We enjoyed a peaceful couple of hours in which Joey napped and I putzed around and worked on homework.

From time to time, Joey would wake up and look at me. Usually he would just close his eyes and fall back asleep, but sometimes his mind would be caught between dreaming and waking, and things like this would come out of his mouth:

“Come on, the bridge is falling!”
“It’s an invasion!”
Or my favorite: “Where is everyone?” “Who?” “They came up with us. Is the party over?”

I often wake up and say silly things too. Some have become inside jokes: “There’s a tree in the way!” “But the rocks!”

What about you? Do crazy things come out of your mouth after you first wake up?

Anyway, enjoy your Thursday. And watch out for falling bridges 😉



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3 responses to “Morning, Sunshine

  1. Meg

    I don’t think crazy things come out of my mouth when I first wake up … But according to my brother, crazy things come out of my mouth when I’m on Vicodin, and according to some friends up here crazy things come out of my mouth when I give myself a concussion and when I go 5 days with no sleep … None of the above will tell me what crazy things have come out of my mouth at those times, though lol

  2. linda

    When I’ve been studying alot of Spanish or using it at work, I often wake up speaking Spanish. Jeff says I blurt out phrases in Spanish all through the night. He is not partial to this behavior.

  3. linda

    Mostly because he’s forgotten enough that he feels left out of the conversation 🙂 pobresito.

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