Guess what guys?! My family is going to be at Notre Dame this weekend. Dad is going to be here in about 10 minutes (He drove up. Let’s just stop and think about how early he had to leave to get here by 5:30. GA is a long way away, people) and my mom and little brother are flying into Chicago tomorrow. With any luck, they will get here in time to get a Knights steak sandwich before the game. Joey’s folks and his aunt and uncle from Cinci are already here. Hurray, family!

Now I need to head out because I’m going to go walk around the Notre Dame football field with this guy:

Photo 1

Ok, MAYBE this photo is actually three years old, and was taken when I first got my MAC and was playing around with Photo Booth. Irrelevant, we look pretty much the same anyway. Also, yes, we look exactly alike.


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One response to “Family INVASION

  1. Meg

    Have fun with the family (families)!!!! 🙂

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