Multitude Monday #11-15

11. Trees afire with beauty

12. Fruitful research and useful quotes

13. Dear friends gathered before a blustery football game

14. Senior night with the women’s soccer team, and quiet reminders that time is short

15. Hilariously awful senior photos- and feeling grateful that they will only be published in a yearbook that no one ever looks through

holy experience



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6 responses to “Multitude Monday #11-15

  1. Elizabeth

    seeing my daughter in 5 days,soon being with family to celebrate a wedding,a brother home from Afghanistan, safe travel on busy roads, and so much love in my life!

  2. love your list…this fall has been the prettiest I can remember. I have a daughter graduating from university this spring too…very exciting but with a tinge of bittersweet as friends scatter…I’m still close to many of my college friends and I’ve been out a long while…these friendships stick…have a great week

  3. bronzedshoe

    Mom- Nice list! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Remember what Jack Sparrow said about weddings 😉

    Joyce- Change is everywhere, isn’t it? That’s awesome that you are still close to friends from college. I hope to be able to say the same after graduation!

  4. greennotebook

    Just saying…. I’M going to look through the yearbook. Over and over again. I look through my parents’ and grandfather’s Domes all the time, actually.

    Good thing I know what you really look like, yeah? 😉

    • bronzedshoe

      Wow, really? I plan on flipping through once or twice- that’s more than I’ve done with previous yearbooks. Let’s hope you’re the exception, love.

  5. It’s so nice to see a college student who is making her eyes to see His graces.

    Thank you for publishing your list:)


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