ND Hockey Season Opener

Hola muchachos-

It’s midterms week, which is code for Laura’s brain is fried. To tide you over until I can get these papers written…

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We’re serious about our hockey here :-). A whole group of us got all decked out, but unfortunately the group photos still reside on my camera- I shot this on my iPhone. Anyway, more stories, photos, and rambling thoughts coming your way soon…



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6 responses to “ND Hockey Season Opener

  1. Hi….I wrote a few thoughts on my blog about repatriation…don’t know if you are interested but here’s the link…


    The comments have been interesting. And varied.

    Oh, and you ND people are crazy.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Meg

    Lol yes, you’re serious about your hockey. We kind of are, but not so much as our basketball (eww). And even so, we beat your hockey team a couple days ago. I think this says something, but I’m not sure what, especially since you guys are more serious about football than hockey (btw, sorry USC beat you guys yesterday, what was the score?). Joey says your hockey team is doing terribly in general, which also says something (as in, did we only beat you because you’re terrible, or are we actually good?).

    Haha and now that I’m done unintentionally rubbing your losses on your face … I love the picture, and I’m glad you’re having fun. Good luck with midterms 🙂

    • bronzedshoe

      Yeah…. our hockey team is 2-4 so far… not the best way to start a season. It’s unfortunate. We beat you in our second game. Hopefully we’ll get better!

  3. Meg

    Haha so we’re 1-1 with each other. That’s not too bad. 🙂

  4. GO IRISH!! Whoot, Whoot! Boy does that face paint look familiar! I was at ND Law School and learned the beauty of football and face painting in that order! LOVE the pics! Good luck with the season!


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