odds and ends (aka, procrastination)

  • Today two people, previously strangers to me, recognized me from my twitter avatar. Granted, we live on a small campus, but this phenomenon makes me feel equal parts shocked at the smallness of our world and excited at all the nerdy potential of the future.
  • I’m currently situated in the theology section of the library. To my left is a shelf of sacramentaries and to my right is a shelf full of various translations of the Bible. Nice.
  • The Notre Dame hockey season starts on Friday night. This, my friends, is going to be epic. There’s a nice pre-season write up here: http://notredame.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=998233
  • I’m in the process of dropping a class. Downside: missing out on all the sweet class discussions on how religion is portrayed in literature. Upside: more time to myself. Today, I had time to work out, write emails, AND blog! This is unheard of.
  • I need y’all’s opinions on something. Recently a professor looked at a favorite tshirt of mine and essentially asked if it was supposed to be a phallic symbol. Actually, it’s a budding tulip. Anyway, my position on the matter is HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS BEFORE I have been wearing this shirt for years while Joey’s position is ‘It’s a TULIP and you like the tshirt, wear it anyway.’ Here’s the image on the front of the shirt:


Please don’t write in that I am totally lame for putting a poll on my blog about a tshirt, ok? Trust me, I know.

OK, enough of this. I really need to go face down a rough draft now. It will be all ‘stop changing me around, I’m fine as I am’ and I’ll retaliate with extra formatting and grammatician pizazz. Booyah.



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6 responses to “odds and ends (aka, procrastination)

  1. linsa

    glad you sound more relaxed. hockey season – we’re down qith tgat in the gillespie house. that professor needs to get his/her head out of the gutter and get some glasses – it’s a tulip. Joey’s right wear the shirt. i’m just sayn’.

    • bronzedshoe

      Thanks Linda :-). One of our freshman forwards was drafted in the first round of the NHL- I’m just sayin. Looks like it will be a great season!

  2. Pam

    In the “small world category” I just found your blog listed
    as one of Big Moma’s favorites….I live in South Bend and my
    husband is a long time employee of ND….really enjoy your
    writing…God Bless, Pam

  3. Really? REALLY? Can a cigar just sometimes be just a cigar?

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