Stepan Center Pep Rally 9.10.2009

There’s no doubt about it- this was the best pep rally I’ve ever seen at Notre Dame.

JACC pep rallies lack one key component: pep. If you want an event that you can take your kids to, where you can sit in comfortable seats and enjoy a nice show, then the former pep rallies were nice. But if the purpose is to pump up the team and student body, then trust me, THIS is the way to do it.


  • Stepan Center= intimate venue, just the students and the team. Maybe 10 “grown-ups” in the whole building. We filled the place and pushed up close to the stage, actually interacting with the players. Nothing else like it.
  • As I tweeted before the pep rally started, the atmosphere was incredible. You can see the TP and beach balls in the first shot, but what you can’t see from the photo was that lots of kids were on each other’s shoulders, and others were thrown in the air by the crowd. The two ushers on duty looked on, but didn’t move in to stop the party. Notre Dame fans know- this is HUGE.
  • Because it was student-only, students and players could be uncensored and honest. We weren’t burdened with  putting on a glitzy show for alumni and fans. We were actually expressing ourselves in our chants, and the players were up-front in their speeches. Given that we’re going to play Michigan (sucks!) tomorrow, this was MAJOR in getting the whole community pumped up and ready for one of the most important games of the season, the game where we prove what we’re made of.
  • Brian Smith, Mike Floyd (with Golden Tate), and Sergio Brown did the speeches, and they were incredible! No more bored-sounding and disinterested team here!
  • Coach Weis was more reserved than we were, but obviously enjoyed himself, often laughing at players’ antics. Some people have said that he was displeased, but I really don’t think he was. He was just being careful.
  • The fact that attendance was limited to 2,500 meant that only the die-hard fans in the student body showed up. I think that this made the atmosphere SO much better.
  • When the pep rally was over, most of the team went out a side door, but some made their way through the crowd at the front of the stage. Golden hugged me 🙂

Thanks to this pep rally, the team’s excited and they know that the rest of the student body is behind them. Nothing can be better for a team going into a major game. I’m so glad that the administration let this happen while I’m still a student.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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  1. MusicGal

    One of the best parts was having the band there. They totally helped get the crowd pumped up!! so glad coach weis pushed for them to be there.

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