Bits of August, courtesy of Linda and Jeff (thanks again guys)

Mark’s solos, originally uploaded by squiggledot.

That not-so-little kid sure can play! Look for Mark’s solo at the beginning. He has another one later on, but the video was too big to upload the whole thing. Not bad for a freshman! Wish I could see him play at a game.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Not pictured: Camping trip, Mom’s birthday, Lauratwin reunion, birthday celebrations with my family, Midnight B-dubs bar run, packing + driving + moving in (Fall 2009 edition), Fiddler’s with Joey’s parents and Liz, CLASSES, and various other school shenanigans like tailgating. Good month, August (and a little bit of September).

Words I am trying to hold in my head this semester, from the Swell Season:

“You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It’s time that you won…

Raise your hopeful voice; you have a choice,
You’ve made it now.”

In other words-
It’s my time. Now I need to make it happen.



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2 responses to “Bits of August, courtesy of Linda and Jeff (thanks again guys)

  1. Urthstripe

    I fergat how pathetic St. Pius’s rinky dink band looked when it started trying to be a legitimate marching band.

  2. bronzedshoe

    I thought it was rather well done, especially for a bunch of high schoolers who had only been playing together for a week or so. Marching and such is hard to get down.

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