From the Coldplay Roadie blog

When I did my first shows with Coldplay, the whole show fit in one truck (driven by a lovely man named Johnny Burgess). We’re now up to 36. There is one whole truck dedicated to carrying just the CDs the band are giving away at the shows. I’d never have predicted THAT way back when…

In a superbly bizarre twist, the band have flown into their first stadium show of this tour on U2’s plane. Apparently, our regular ride is misfiring. I believe that the big end’s gone, or something like that. The easiest way to deal with this it seems, was to take U2’s “360 Air” jet for a spin. They’re doing UK shows right now, so it’s just sat about doing nothing otherwise. I can confirm that, as one would imagine, those fellas truly travel in comfort and style.

via coldplay.


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