Simple mornings

Since I got home, I have been responsible for ferrying my little brother to band practice at his new high school, forty minutes or so from our house. Practice runs from nine to noon every day, so there is not enough time to make going home in between worth my while. Instead, I have been spending my mornings at Chocolate’ coffee shop near the school. Sometimes Joey joins me, but for the most part I sit alone, sipping excellent coffee, reading novels, and people watching. As much as I dislike waking up at 7 am, there are few more pleasurable ways to spend the morning hours. My coffee shop time exemplifies the attitude I have been going for during my six weeks at home: rest, relaxation, and fun. I am luxuriating in all of this free time, especially since I know it might never come again. Oh, last summer of my childhood, how I wish you wouldn’t pass so swiftly.



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2 responses to “Simple mornings

  1. Linda

    How utterly delightful! What have you noticed about the people? What do you see in them? People are the most fascinating of God’s creation.

  2. Oh wow. Jealous! What a wonderful way to pass a morning!!! Good for you, and love how you captured the feeling with words!!

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