Moving up in the world

My current mission in life has two objectives: 1) Get my butt in gear (see last post) and 2) Spend time with my family, especially now since my parents are off from work for a week or so. In pursuit of these goals, I showed Stone Mountain what-for yesterday, with the family in tow. After a lovely afternoon hike, we rewarded ourselves with an incredible Southern buffet-style dinner at the Stone Mountain Inn (pecan pie, cheesecake, AND peach cobbler? yes please). We capped off the day with the legendary Stome Mountain laser show, full of patriotism (American AND Confederate) and sing-a-long-able music. Be grateful that the photo of me is from the Laser Show, after I had cooled down and cleaned up some, and not from the climb up the mountain. Let’s just say, I did my best Ms. Frizzle impersonation. But here’s a photo from the top, to prove I was there:

Engagement with the world: success. Quality time with the fam: success. Not bad for one day.


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