I don’t know what to think.

Sorry for the lackage of regular blogging- I am too busy living to write! While you wait for me to return to blogland, chew on this…. I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s from the most recent issue of America magazine.

Sarah’s List

Kilian McDonnell | JUNE 22, 2009

Listen to me, Lord. I have a list.

You said to Abraham:

Go, leave your fathers’ graves! To me,

no word. You promised him,

toothless at ninety-nine, a son. A son

of ours? We laughed. Sixty years

you locked my womb and then

told Abraham you would unbolt it.

To me, no word. Would Abraham

grow fat, shriek, spread his legs

across the birthing stool? Is he the eagle,

I the guttersnipe, that his lordship’s

wedded spouse must overhear the news

hidden behind a tent flap?

Do I exaggerate? You turned your face

to this old woman only

to accuse me of a niggling lie. Note!

The single time you spoke to me.

Do I exaggerate? The promise,

tell me! Where’s the seal? In the snip

off Abraham’s foreskin, but no mark

upon my breasts. And who consulted me

when you bid him burn my son

on Mount Moriah? Still I exaggerate?

Why did your hand-picked Abraham

twice turn me over to the harem of kings?

Am I a cow in heat needing to be mounted?

Why did I not see light in your light?

Why did your truth not set me free?

via America | The National Catholic Weekly – Sarah’s List.



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2 responses to “I don’t know what to think.

  1. I’m not at all sure how I feel about it either ` should I be enraged as :woman: at the male God’s use or misuse of our gender and care of his chosen?…Then again, it sounds like art to me and that is always up for what ai refer to as the :tions os life: speculation, interpretation, possibly meditation. Least ways, I’m just say’n.

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