Up to date on Jerusalem photos!

Dome of the Rock, againMy photos

How do you like me now, Linda? 😉

Also included- Coldplay concert photos and my Dad’s photos of Mark’s graduation.

We have been on the go non-stop since we got here last Wednesday!! Brief, brief rundown:


  • orientation/ tour/ safety briefings in the AM
  • after lunch, speedy romp through the Old City of Jerusalem, including stops at the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Via Dolorosa, and even an Austrian guest house’s cafe


  • academic meetings in the AM
  • First class- anthropology w/ Fr. Patrick
  • Bethlehem excursion after lunch- first West Bank checkpoint, tour of Bethlehem University, stop at the Church of the Nativity, dinner at our coordinators’ apartment, checkpoint at night


  • Arabic class in AM
  • After lunch, back to Bethlehem U for our class on the history of the region
  • Dinner, then class on the Koran with an amazing priest


  • Early morning trek into Jerusalem for Mass- we went to the Notre Dame Institute’s service
  • International Relations class
  • We had the afternoon free, and I promptly zonked out for 6.5 hours until dinner. Flying across the Atlantic twice in three days caught up with me, I think!
  • Festive Sunday night dinner- you are allowed to bring guests, and there is special food, wine, desserts


  • Hebrew class in AM
  • Mount of Olives excursion after lunch, including site of Ascension, site where Jesus gave the Apostles the Our Father, and the Garden of Gethsemane (see photos!)

I am happy and exhausted and can’t wait for all the adventures that are in store. I’m here with a great group of kids and learning from a brilliant bunch of teachers. We have found surprises around every turn- nothing is what you expect! I am staying very safe- some would say hyper-vigillant- and enjoying myself immensely. Love to all!



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2 responses to “Up to date on Jerusalem photos!

  1. Very impressive! And with so much to do to. You go squirrel!

  2. Elizabeth

    Everyone at group last night was talking about your pictures! Thanks for sharing them and your experiences. Love you very much and so poud of you, Mom

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