Archbishop Gregory on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs

Would St. Paul Twitter? I had that very thought as Veronica, one of our communications department staffers, was trying to teach me about this new Internet tool. I believe that not only would St. Paul Twitter, he would urge all of those who are Church ministers of the Gospel to do the same. Paul was never bashful in employing the contemporary vehicles of communication to proclaim Christ crucified and risen from the dead in his own time. Not only would Paul utilize this modern day means of communications, he probably would have a blog and a Facebook page to proclaim the message of salvation—and he would expect all those who carry out the modern-day mission of evangelization to do so as well.

via What I Have Seen and Heard.

Do we have a kick-butt archbishop or what? I am so thankful that Atlanta has been blessed with him as our local shepherd.


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One response to “Archbishop Gregory on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs

  1. goldiefish

    The Archbishop may rock- but if I have to teach Fr. John to use Twitter because he reads about it in the GA Bulletin – I might become totally unhinged…I’m just say’n.

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