Crossing the finish line

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes over the last week and a half. You’ll be happy to know that finals are over and all of my papers are turned in! Which means less whining on my blog- everyone wins!!

It’s a beautiful feeling of release, turning in that last paper. Of course, I will be taking 7 credits in 7 weeks in Jerusalem, so I am trying to remind myself that it’s not really summer yet. But joy cannot be suppressed! Freeeeeedooom!

I have a few days before leaving for home. I have the usual chores to get done- packing, cleaning, etc- and also some fun things planned, like souvenir shopping! There are also goodbyes to be said. They have already started; I said my goodbyes at my soup kitchen and at my church. Tomorrow night, the program is hosting a Farewell Dinner with all of the students and professors. Should be lots of tear-jerking fun.

In other news, I was stolen from online. Someone hacked into my itunes account and bought themselves two $50 gift cards. The scary part is that they knew me well enough to also hack into my email account and set up a filter so that any emails from itunes would go straight into the trash. So I never saw the receipts that itunes emails out after such purchases. I caught the thievery, by luck, only a couple days after the transaction went through. My mom, my knight in shining armor, called the bank to shut down my account and see about getting my money back. I changed all my passwords and cut up my debit card. By a stroke of luck, the bank had already sent me a new card, and it’s waiting for me at home, so I will have a debit card for Jerusalem. Overall, the experience was pretty scary, but not that big of a deal. It could have been much worse, and I am so glad that I checked my bank account and found out about the fraudulent purchases. So be vigilant- it’s your best protection.

Finally, one last note about the blog layout- I wasn’t satisfied with how the links to other blogs worked, so I invested the time in creating an honest-to-goodness blog roll. Now all of the sites I follow are conveniently listed by category in the left-hand column. Please give some of them a visit! I love following all of them.

Please keep me in your prayers as I finish up and travel home. I am SO excited to see my family and Joey- which is a little dangerous, considering we will only have a few days together. May the time be fun and joyous, and our parting not too sad.

More importantly, please keep my friends Jeff and Linda in your prayers. The doctors found another cancerous lymph node in Jeff that will need immediate radiation or surgery. This is frightening news, since life was just starting to return to normal after Jeff’s last bout of surgery. Lord, give peace to them and insight to their medical team!


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  1. Thank you Laura – those prayers are already weaving us back together. With grateful hearts – Linda and Jeff

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