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When we are not rested, when our body aches and our mind is clouded, we disconnect from God; and when we’re not connected with God, we lose touch with our connectedness with everything. We become centered in fear; more specifically, in the illusions of separateness and scarcity. Everything and everyone else becomes a potential threat to our security and comfort. That same stranger on the street turns from someone who I can help into someone who wants something from me.

via Get some sleep! | Busted Halo.

I struggle a lot with sleep, so this article was really fascinating to me. It gives me even more motivation for getting on a regular sleep cycle and sticking with it. I’m better than most college kids- I almost always sleep at least seven hours a night- but I’m awful at maintaining a rhythm. My body naturally stays up late, so I often lay awake for hours in bed, waiting for sleep. Then, unless I have somewhere to be the next morning, I have terrible discipline about getting out of bed- I sleep in all the time. So while I technically get enough sleep, I know that it’s not of very good quality and I spend a lot of my life feeling tired.

This article talks about setting your alarm for the same time every day and then going to sleep when you feel tired at night. I would love to get up at the same time every morning and have time for  a morning routine- prayer, coffee, breakfast, the morning news. As it is, I get up at the latest possible moment, throw on clothes and rush off to wherever I have to be. Bah, I fail at sleep. Anyone have better luck with this?



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5 responses to “Get some sleep! | Busted Halo

  1. goldiefish

    Ditto. This is not meant to be harsh. Don’t bemoan what you’d like to do…Instead find something you can do and build in time from there. Ex. Start saying a rosary and ask for the Peace to fall asleep. Don’t hold yourself up to finish it, ask for your Guardian Angel to finish it for you as you usually will drift of Knowing that he will do as you ask.

    I suffer from something very similar and when I allow myself to do this – arms of morpheus and all that.

    Hang Tight Girl. Missing just tells you how much someome means to you. Love and Peace. LG

    • bronzedshoe

      I have tried the Rosary thing- I end up praying three or four of them and am still awake in bed. It seems that my mind needs to drift in order to sleep.. focusing on anything, especially praying, is a recipe for an hour or two of trying to get to sleep. Don’t know why 😦

      Miss you too, love- see you next weekend though!

  2. goldiefish

    Whoa- was harsh to use :bemoan: remember the :Ditto: part – not tactful in the a.m. I sincerely apologze.

    Better word and more to the action – focus. Focus on something able to be done. Not what is currently unattainable. You can do it : )

    • bronzedshoe

      Ha! I didn’t think that bemoan sounded harsh until you pointed it out. No worries, I probably DO spend too much time whining and complaining on this blog 😛

  3. Meg

    Haha don’t feel bad. I have the worst sleep schedule out of almost anyone I know. Even my friends who never sleep yell at me about not sleeping. (ask Joey lol)

    As for advice … I don’t have any, sorry. This was more an “I know how you feel” type post than an “I have an idea how to fix it” type post …

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