I know. Everything’s all different!

What can I say- I will do anything to avoid studying for finals. Including redesigning my blog :-). Yes, I loved my old layout, with the lovely brown and the personalized header, but I like this layout a lot too. The extra column to the side allows me to display a lot more information, such as the desperately needed Blogroll lists to the left! I successfully got Google Reader and WordPress to communicate with each other so that I can finally share links to the sites I read most often. I would have preferred that it would show links to the blogs themselves instead of the most recent posts, but on the other hand, a list of all the sites I read would have been HUGEMONGOUS (to borrow a Linda-ism) and this keeps things down to just the sites that have updated recently. Another nice feature is that if you REALLY value my taste in blogs, you can click on the little RSS icons next to each blogroll list and blanket-subscribe to everything I read. Yay! On the other hand, if you only want to read the stuff I thought was SUPER cool, I kept the “Stories of Note” widget in my right sidebar. Everything I find that I think is exceptionally awesome, I post to that list using the “shared items” function of Google Reader. Nifty, huh?

My biggest complaint with this layout so far is the font. I would love to change it to a serif font- but I’ve always been partial to the more bookish look. What do you think of the new look?

Let me guess- only Joey and Greg, if he’s reading, understood all of that blabber. For those who care nothing about such housekeeping parafenalia- sorry for the meaningless post. I think this stuff is exciting 😀


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