Book Recommendations

Not sure how this little book came to be in my possession, or why I brought it with me to Greece, but it has been my guidebook in turning my prayer life around. It’s excellent, simple, and inspired. I absolutely love it and refer to it all the time.

I picked up this hefty tome in the London airport, when I was facing about twelve hours of waiting. It’s by the creators of the Wire. Now, I was more than a little skeptical about this book, because if there’s anything I dislike, it’s exploitation of the underprivileged for the sake of a good story. Fortunately, this book is nothing like that at all. The authors spent years with the inhabitants of one street corner in West Baltimore. They became part of their subjects’ lives, befriended them, and then told their story, without embellishment or drama. The result is journalism at its best. They interweave critiques of the system seamlessly. It’s incredibly well done and definitely worth a read.

I’m not done with this book yet because I am relishing each chapter. Basically, Nouwen, the excellent theologian, lays out his ideas about the spiritual life. There are three movements: loneliness to solitude, hostility to hospitality, and from illusion to prayer. It’s wise, it’s accessible, and insights abound on every page. I love it.


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