Palm of His hand

Third Day’s “I Got You” popped up on my Ipod shuffle this morning, and it made my day. It perfectly describes how I’m feeling and thinking recently. Isn’t that convenient, when people with mad musical skills write songs for us non-musical people’s moods? I love when a song fits perfectly, and this song just does. Take a listen 🙂

I haven’t posted much about this, because a lot of the time I haven’t really known how, but my faith life has kinda 180’d in the last few months. And by that, I mean … I went from knowing that a relationship with God would be a good idea, to opening up my heart and being completely flooded by Grace. Weird, crazy things are happening, all at once. Moods that previously would have enveloped me in darkness for hours or days, I have been able to pray about and dismiss. All of the hardships of life seem suddenly bearable, with the promise that they might soon become sweet. I am reading a lot and taking long walks. I am listening to praise and worship music by the bucketload. I have a radical inner peace.

Easter Vigil, this year, was my unofficial return to the Church. I received Communion for the first time in… years? and renewed my baptismal promises. If anything has been difficult, it has been the lack of opportunities to worship communally- my heart aches for ND’s Adoration, daily Masses and rosaries, Liturgy of the Hours, and prayer groups.

In short, it’s been a wild ride, and it’s only just beginning.

P.S. I’m back from spring break. I got back Monday night, actually- sorry for not updating sooner.

P.P.S. There’s a pigeon in the coffee shop.


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