Posted more photos

From the class day trip to Brauron and Sounion and a few from when Joey was here.

Still have a huge backlog of photos to go through- the trip to Olympia and Delphi as well as the trip to Crete. My goal is to get through them before I leave Thursday. Ideally, I would write posts on those trips before I leave again too.

I am enjoying the stability of being home for more than a couple nights. I bought bread and milk at the grocery store- hurray perishable food! More importantly, I get to go to Mass tonight, and I haven’t been able to go in a couple weeks due to travels. I am one excited little girl. I also plan to post more coherently on my faith life before I leave for London. I have been cautious of posting anything too too personal, but this is too big to hide.

Sorry for the deluge of random posts- can you tell I have been sifting through email and blogs and news after being away for so long?

More to come soon. Right now, my computer is about to die. Love to all!



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