Things I’m grateful for today

As Joey sagely advised, I have been trying to go beyond just noticing the beauty around me- I am actively thanking God for it. I am cultivating a spirit of gratitude, and hoping that repetition creates good habits. There have been so many things to be thankful for today that I wanted to share!

  1. Sunshine and blue skies. Always lifts my spirits!
  2. First class: in the Agora. I cannot express how freaking cool it is to talk about ancient times while standing on the ruins of the civilization. We talked about specific monuments and their significance- and yes, we actually saw the monuments we were discussing. People who live here take all of this ancient stuff for granted, and I can tell that my classmates are starting to as well- may I never lose my sense of wonder!
  3. Second class: in a cafe. Instead of continuing our lesson on telling time, my Greek class met outside, at a cafe, and we sipped frappes while our teacher explained the significance of tomorrow’s holiday, Greek Independence Day. Hard to beat today in terms of frequency of picturesque moments.
  4. Corrollary to #3: the frappe was HUGE and I happily slurped down my money’s worth of sweet coffee.
  5. No more classes until Monday! It’s like an early spring break.
  6. I woke up this morning with plenty of time to eat yogurt and honey leisurely while reading the Mass readings of the day online. I set off for my first class feeling thoroughly awake and ready to face the day. My days always go so much better when I start them with prayer and food. (food for the body, food for the soul! hooray!)
  7. I made it to the grocery store today and stocked my cabinets! I also have lots of snacks for the weekend, which is crucial because I am cheap and dislike paying for meals every few hours. There is an inner joy I get from full cabinets- not sure why. It’s also nice to know that when I get home, I will have food to eat, instead of having to immediately run out to the store.
  8. I am leaving for freaking CRETE at 8pm tonight! It’s an overnight ferry, which is fine by me, because it is A) cheaper than airfare and B) that’s two nights I don’t have to pay for a place to sleep. I conk out fairly easily, but the waking up at 5am when we arrive in Crete might be a little rough. It’s ok, it’s an adventure!!
  9. My cafeteria attempted Mexican food for lunch. It was a humorous meal, involving jasmine rice and lots of olive oil. But, joy of all joys, there were black beans! How I have missed them!
  10. Tonight I am cooking something new- I have eaten it before but I’ve never cooked it. It’s a middle eastern dish involving lentils, rice, cumin, and carmelized onions. Yummy, healthy, AND cheap!
  11. I have had Jon Foreman’s “The House of God, Forever” stuck in my head today. It’s awesome because every time it plays through my head, it is like I am praying the 23rd Psalm, and I am deeply comforted. I will leave you with a link to it if you would like to listen:

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  1. greennotebook

    hurrah for “The House of God Forever”! and really, thank goodness it’s such a great song, because you now have it stuck in my head too. love from ND….

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