I have been AWFUL about updating. I know it. I got into that silly loop where there’s a post in my mind that I plan on writing NEXT- ie the post about my trip last weekend- and it’s a big post, so I keep putting it off for when I have more time, and meanwhile I don’t post anything else because THAT one is supposed to be next.

Yep, silly.

I need to be writing a paper right now, so brief recap and more (for real!!) later:

Lately there have just not been enough hours in the day. I am getting my homework done, but there is so much more I should be doing- memorizing Greek vocab, figuring out funding for Jerusalem, sorting photos for Flickr, blogging, getting ahead on stuff so that I will have more time with Joey when he gets here, planning for Istanbul next weekend. It’s all a little overwhelming sometimes, but that doesn’t stop me from blowing it all off to have fun with my friends on weekend nights.

On that note- Wine Festival = best thing ever. 15 euro for unlimited wine tasting for three days (even though I am a lightweight and only made time for 1 day), keepsake glass, and guidebook to the 1200 wines presented there. Oh my, I had fun. I was hoping to learn more about Greek wine too, but that was tough with the language barrier. Instead, I tried lots of wines and put smiley faces in the book next to the ones I liked the most. Yum.

Ok, back to that paper. Love you guys!


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