Travel plans slowly taking form

Here’s what the plan is right now (always subject to constant revisions)

  • Feb 7-9: Meteora
  • Feb 12-14: Program trip to Argolid
  • Feb 27-March 2: ISTANBUL
  • March 6: Brauron & Sounion- program trip
  • March 18-22: program trip to Olympia and Delphi
  • Spring break– April 10-16 Rome for Easter with ND, April 16-20 Santorini for Greek Easter
    • Blatant plea: If anyone knows anywhere I can stay in Rome/ anyone I can stay with- that would be incredible. I am traveling alone and I have no idea where to stay.

That’s all that’s semi- fixed right now. (Don’t freak out mom and dad- I promise, mine is one of the most conservative travel agendas.) There’s a possible five day weekend in late March that I might employ for a trip to Crete, if anyone is up for it. Other weekends besides spring break in April, I intend to go islanding. Then all of a sudden it will be May and finals and papers and then HOME. Good grief.

Also— GREAT news— Joey is almost certainly visiting over his spring break. We are still working out details, but it looks like it’s gonna happen. SO exciting. Quit rolling your eyes Maria- you would be thrilled about this too.



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17 responses to “Travel plans slowly taking form

  1. One day when you are no longer an impressionable youth and my own daughters are grown-er and not going to be reading my comments on their age-appropriate friends’ travel journals, I’ll share with you about a rendezvous in Monte Carlo with a certain young man who went on to become my husband.

    In the meantime, I’ll roll my eyes because it’s what, evidently, you think I should do. HA!

    Go get ’em! Don’t forget to sleep on the floor of a train station (that’s my advice from the 20 year old me)and don’t travel alone (that’s from the middle-aged me).

    • bronzedshoe

      Sweetheart, honestly, are you ever going to see me as anything but an impressionable youth? I think it’s unlikely. Especially because I still look 13. Also, you always chide me for gushing about poor Joey, so I figured the eye rolling disclaimer was necessary 😉

  2. Mychal

    Just hostel it up in Rome. Sure it’ll probably be dirty and crowded, but hell, it’s cheep, and you won’t die.

  3. goldiefish

    I am so “jailous” as Jessica would say! Rome is no place to go alone – (20 year old and 39 year old me) I hear train travel! SWEET! But because I remember a younger more independent – right! self, I’ll check with my aunt and uncle who “jet to the continent” every year about Rome – Tuscany specifically. They like to stay at convents etc. and are aesthetically frugal. Thanks for the frequent posts! Be safe, be smart, have a great time!

  4. bronzedshoe

    Mychal- I would be fine with that, but as you can see, I have adult women back home who constantly worry about me, and no reason to make them worry more than absolutely necessary.

    Linda- I’m traveling alone and lodging alone, but going to Vatican Eastery things with ND people. So I will have people to hang out with around the city, at least until Sunday. Thanks for checking with your aunt and uncle. You’re the best!

  5. Mychal

    Well, don’t tell them though. You can post all about your awesome 5 star hotel that you found for 5 euro a night.

  6. bronzedshoe

    WAY to reveal my secret plan. Thanks. Seriously, though, I am just using my resources wisely (Girl Scout!) and asking friends to talk to their friends and contacts in the area. Between ND and friends back home, I am sure someone knows someone I can crash with, or at least knows of a nice cheap place to stay. Everyone and their brother has been to Rome or studied there… surely this will work out.

  7. Meg

    Lol I’m not going to lecture you about traveling alone, because I know you’ll be fine.
    I am, however, going to -aww- at the fact that Joey will be visiting you during his spring break 🙂
    I hope you have fun doing all of this, and be safe! :p

  8. Alas, I will share about the night I spent in a hotel that charged by the hour and had some pretty shady ladies lurking in the hall, only to have my traveling companion point out that we were staying in a brothel.

    Pretty much anything you get for 5E is an improvement on that night. Just don’t use the toilet. Kthx.

    • bronzedshoe

      One of those by the hour sex hotels is just around the corner from me. (mom, I swear I don’t live in a shady neighborhood! for real) before we knew that’s what it was, several girls remarked on how their moms could stay there when they came to visit…. not so much.

  9. Joey

    Man, you guys are right, this Joey guy is pretty awesome for doing this trip to Greece. Major brownie points for this guy. I mean, surely he’s not taking advantage of the fact that his girlfriend’s in Greece by taking a trip to see her (read: Greece/Laura). And surely, he would never think of getting the university he attends to pay for such a trip, spinning it as an opportunity to discover more about Early Church History. Surely, the idea of getting to go on a cheap/possibly free trip to Greece over Spring Break never even crossed his mind. Surely.

    Ok, so it did cross my mind, but I will say that it is not, of course, the main reason for this trip (drinking age, anyone? No? Sweet…). No, it is the thought of visiting the writer of this here blog (everything else adds a nice touch to the trip), and I am looking forward to it greatly.

    It’s Greece! Hooray, Greece!

  10. Meg

    Haha silly Joey, you’re so special 🙂

    And otherwise, I hope you both have a lot of fun!! When is your spring break, anyways, Joe?

  11. Joey

    LOL! I had a feeling that would get an eye-roll after the above discussion…

  12. Joey

    Also, I have to say, my alien avatar thing is pretty rockin’. It’s like a crazy, cartoon-y, android version of Cthulhu. Or Medusa.

  13. greennotebook

    hey, have I told you I have a very good friend in Rome this semester? let me check what she’s up to during Easter…. and have you asked Charlie yet?

  14. bronzedshoe

    Joey- I get the Cthulhu reference!!!

    Dill- Charlie was the first person I asked. They are uber strict about no visitors staying with their program. 😦

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