Friday & Saturday: bullet point version

Bullet points = most used wordpress feature on this blog? Possibly.


  • Fresh market awesomeness (see previous post)
  • Left to go explore Plaka (the oldest part of Athens, near the Acropolis). No one seemed interested in tagging along, so I went off on my own (with maps and a good sense of where I was going. I am safe and careful, I promise!). My wanderings took me further and further up the Acropolis hill, until I decided hey, why not walk up to the Acropolis’ front gates. I wasn’t going to go in, because it is free on Sundays but 20E on other days, but I wanted to see what I could. Turns out I could see very little without going in (probably by design), but across from the main gates was a huge rock formation with stairs leading up it. Again- why not?? Walked up. Turns out this rock is not just any rock, but THE rock where philospohers like Socrates philosophized and St. Paul converted Greeks. In Greek: Aereopagus. WHOA. Also the view is incredible, and I got there just before sunset. Most fabulous accidental discovery ever. Pictures soon.
  • While chilling out on this rock and talking to an old Greek dude who wanted to tell me its history, I noticed a group of girls nearby who looked familiar. Sure enough, they were from my program. I went to Caritas last week with one of them. We got to talking, and when they left to continue roaming around, I tagged along, happy for the company.
    • Side note: So far, whenever I feel down in the dumps and lonely, and I miss the security of my good friends back home, God immediately deposits new and wonderful people in my life. It is crazy how clearly I see Him taking care of me here.
  • We walked around, found more ruins (photos soon!) and bonded as a group. Turns out, we all have a lot in common. We kept hanging out together as it got darker, exploring the bustling flea market of Monastiraki (literally: little monastery), chilling at the best Starbucks I have ever seen, with English language bookstore attached, discovering an Irish pub (YES), and eventually going out for a yummy, not too pricey dinner.  We lingered for hours talking, then went back to two of the girls’ apartment, where we kept talking. New lovely friends warm my heart so beautifully. We are already planning on going to Meteora next weekend (turns out I might not be able to go, but lovely to feel included).
  • Came home, skyped Joey, fell asleep with a heart full of love and happiness. Beautiful day all around.


  • Nice lazy morning, even if sleep wasn’t so good. Shower and lunch of tortellini and yogurt + honey. Mmm. I felt a little bad for not traveling anywhere today, but also glad because I was still so sore from yesterday and I reasoned that if I got homework done today, I would be able to take advantage of all the free Sunday morning stuff tomorrow (like the Acropolis).
  • Went out to run a couple errands and gauge the severity of the rain outside. (Mom: waterproof New Balances + $5 raincoat= some of our best purchases ever. Greek winter is WET). Fabulous Discovery of the Day #1: A cute little wine store around the corner that pours you a liter of wine from huge barrels for very cheap. It is good wine too- the old men running the store insisted on pouring me a glass and talking with me before they would let me buy wine. Naturally, I was delighted 🙂
    • Me: I’m from Georgia- it’s in the South in the U.S. Man: Oh! Scarlett!
  • Picked up my books from the apartment and set off to try out another cafe. You guessed it- Fabulous Discovery of the Day #2. The cafe I picked was very comfy, with lovely well-cushioned couches. The coffee I ordered was not the best, but that was because whipped cream: coffee ratio was like 10:1. I will order hot coffee from them next time, and ask for no whipped cream. Other bonus points- my 4E coffee came with a one liter bottle of water all for me and a little plate of complimentary goodies- 2 slices of pound cake + a croissant. Mmmmm. Also the music was hilarious- they played old school pop hits like “Summer of ’69,” “Lean on Me,” and “Take on Me.” I sat and read about patron client relations in Greece (its own post) and unitary political systems. Good times.
  • Now I am back home and about to go to dinner at the apartment of the boys below us. They invited all of the program kids in this building over. I’m excited to meet MORE awesome people. God is good!

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  1. Party Girl.

    I can’t even imagine what the full version of these bulleted points could be. It’ll take YEARS to hear all the stories. Ihope you got a picture of Old Dude.

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