I just got a week’s worth of groceries for 15 euro. Yesss

This was possible in large part because of the farmer’s market that happens in most Athens neighborhoods every Friday morning. I got bags of potatoes and carrots for maybe 2 euro total. The stall operators kept taking pity on me and throwing in extra food. In Greece, if you buy only small quantities, shop owners will look at you like, “Oh, you poor girl, you can only afford a few carrots.” My Greek is nowhere near good enough to explain that I am only cooking for one, even though that concept would probably be foreign to them too. The older women brought carts to wheel around their purchases in, and everyone was buying kilos upon kilos of fruits, veggies, and fish. There were also olive vendors, some people selling clothes and shoes and knicknacks, and old women roasting souvlaki to sell to passersby for lunch. I also came upon two old women knotting prayer beads outside of an old Orthodox church. There were also icons and incense for sale. I couldn’t help myself- I bought a bracelet for a friend back home. The old woman prayed over it before selling it to me. So cool!

Don’t worry Mom, I am eating enough. I didn’t buy meat this week since all of my friends are vegetarians anyway, but I have a variety of food to last me the week, including traditional Greek yogurt and honey. Mmmm.

This afternoon I am going to explore Plaka, the oldest part of the city. It’s near the Akropolis. I might check out a flea market in a neighboring area as well, but my main plan is to settle down and get some reading done for classes. Maybe I will eat out tonight, since I haven’t eaten at a Greek restaurant yet. I DID have my first gyro last night, and it was to die for. $1.40 for a huge helping of warm pita, roasted chicken meat, lettuce, and tzatziki sauce. So good!

Ok, I’m off to go expore. I might meet up with friends, but I love walking around alone too. It feels like Rochester, when I would walk for hours on the weekend, getting to know the city. Have a good weekend, everyone!



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3 responses to “Success!

  1. That sounds like a great, real, market.
    Did you get any raisins too? 😉

  2. Jeff, as he sits in pre op says to tell :Zorba: he says Hello!

    • bronzedshoe

      Linda- Hahahaha, tell him I can do the (rudimentary) steps to the Zorba dance now. Lots of kicks! Very fun. I will show you when I get back. Love you guys!!

      Adrian- Grapes and thus raisins aren’t really in season yet, so they weren’t around the market much, and those that were there were pricey. I am definitely always on the lookout for cheap Greek raisins. They go fabulously with my favorite yogurt and honey!

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