Look Mom

Conditioner acquired. See? I told you everything would be fine.




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7 responses to “Look Mom

  1. Elizabeth

    Amazing you are! Even with a Greek dramatic flare – so appropriate! Love, Mom

  2. Elizabeth

    και ιδού

  3. Maria

    Um. Cut off your hair and then you won’t need to find conditioner. You’re in another country, another world! Do something crazy!

    Since we’re all confident that crazy does not equal scandalous, then live dangerously within the bounds of propriety! Throw away the conditioner! Shake your head when you get out of the shower and let the dreadlocks form!

    Don’t wait til you’re 60 to wear a purple dress and a red hat!

    (don’t get too crazy though. I mean, I’m a fan of bathing and deoderant–especially for those around me)

    • bronzedshoe

      It’s actually easier to take care of when it’s long- conditioner is as froufrou as I get. I comb it when I get out of the shower, let it dry however it wants, and put it in a ponytail eventually. Done. I call it The Laura.

  4. I second that, Maria. Shave and save.

  5. bronzedshoe


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