Counting down the days

My last few days in the states are full of errands. There is so much pressure to pack for every contingency, since things will be MUCH more expensive in Greece. Today’s mission: purchase a light raincoat. It proved to be much more challenging than one would have thought. As it turns out, Target, Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, Sports Authority, Old Navy and Macy’s are all fresh out of waterproof outerwear, but Wal Mart had simple, serviceable models for only $20. Go figure. Tomorrow’s agenda includes a bi-annual haircut and hopefully quality time with church friends Linda and Jeff.

In other news, greetings to many new readers! Mom and I poured over her dense email address book and sent out a massive email to friends from all over- church friends, Girl Scout friends, school friends, and more- sharing my website address and inviting everyone to travel along with me in Greece. So welcome!

Just to let everyone know, I love sharing my life with you through these posts, but I also love when you guys share with me by leaving comments here or sending me emails. This blogging thing doesn’t have to be a one-way form of communication (although everyone knows about my penchant for monologuing!). I would love to hear from you, especially when I’m away from home. One of the best features of the Internet is how it can help facilitate a global community. Journey with me!

That’s all for now, cyberworld- it’s time I actually started packing! Yikes!


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