New favorite game: pose like the statue

Elephant Matt

Giraffe Laura

Gorilla Joey

Joey clearly wins, but then he didn’t have to grow a trunk like Matt or extend his neck by several feet like me. To give Joey credit, though, he does have exceptional statue-imitating technique. Look at the attention to detail! The outstretched thumb! The flared nostrils! The fuzzy face!

Anyway, as you can see, we had a blast at the zoo. We went with my parents on New Years Day, and caught the lions in the midst of romping around. Dad even got some shots of a roaring Daddy lion! Very Aslan-esque. We also found a bunch of playful otters and some very hungry pandas. More photos at

I have been spending lots of quality time with family and friends (hence the sparse blogging). It’s always a challenge to split my time at home between my family, Joey and Joey’s family, and our high school friends, but I think I am doing better this break than I have before. I have tromped around the Monastery and watched Firefly with my family, eaten delicious food and played card games with Joey’s family, and celebrated New Years and partaken of frozen custard with high school people. Awesome, beautiful craziness.

This week some of the busy-ness might die down as my parents go back to work after a nice week of rest and Mark goes back to school after his holiday break. My friends are soon back in school as well. Joey is around untl the 12th, so we still have another week together. I kind of just want to hug him and not let go, with six months of separation looming. Eek!

Which brings me to what has been occupying much of my thoughts lately: how to deal with fear. I think my greatest fear is probably the fear of being alone. This fear manifests itself in all sorts of ways, from jealousy of other people’s fabulous friendships (facebook photos are TERRIBLE for this), to homesickness, to insecurity about being far away from Joey. It seems to me that the only way to deal with these fears is to love MORE. I naturally retreat inside of myself when I am afraid, or fearful of being left out, but as it turns out the opposite response is needed- radically throwing myself full-force into the work of loving. That means working hard at keeping in touch with family and friends, as much as possible, through email, facebook, instant message, or whatever works. It also means continually pushing myself to reach out, especially to all of the new people I will meet in Greece. It’s a crazy scary thought that the solution to my fears is to love more. But that’s how things are, and the sooner I start acting on my own advice, the better.



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3 responses to “New favorite game: pose like the statue

  1. Maria

    I’m reading a book about that fear. The guy proposes that we stop living our lives in balance, and purposely run forward off balance. The idea is, that if we are trying to maintain balance, we move in a small area forward and backward and side to side, but if we run forward, the momentum keeps us up. Note that if we were to stop while running forward full force, we’d topple over! I like the imagery of that. Keep taking your risks and moving forward. You will love more, and I think you’ll discover that everyone will love you more right back atcha!

    Have a wonderful trip. Enjoy everything. Absorb everything. Take lots of pictures. And write love letters. To everybody!

  2. bronzedshoe

    You’re so sweet. Don’t worry, I will be fine. The worry beforehand is always much worse than the actual plunge.

  3. goldiefish

    You hit the nail on the head about fear I think, very wise you are, always very wise.

    God made us to be social creatures, to work, live and love in community to need and be needed. When we let fear of losing what we have separate us to withdraw from others, we are giving in to the opposing force.

    But distance no matter how far, can never truly separate us from the ones who love us. They are a part of who we have become and we carry them with us in our heart until we see them again. Course I’m just sayn’ : )

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