When the winds of change try to blow me over,
And the shadows of confusion hide the truth
I will hope in the One who is forever,
I will run to you, I will run to you

Though the perils of life seem so great
And hope seems so frail
You never fail
Shadows may not disappear
But You’ve always made it clear
Truth will prevail
You will prevail

-Ginny Owens, “Run to You”
It’s been a heckuva few days. Good and bad, fabulous and terrifying. I’ll post about some of the good parts when I have more sleep in me. Until then: pray for me. This year’s New Year’s resolution is to put God at the center of my life and build a relationship with Him. It’s something I’ve never been able to really do before, but I HAVE to try. There is nothing else left to do.


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  1. You’ve got it. Always.

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