This is paradise

Let’s examine my day:

I woke up at 1. I ate the lunch my family had prepared for me, a grilled-out cheeseburger, chips, and homemade sweet tea.

I sat next to my brother while he conquered the world in Spore. I sorted lots of photos with my new organizing and tagging software and rediscovered some I had thought I had lost. This is me, my brother, and my grandfather, circa 2000, the year before he died:

Also Katie the pomeranian. Strange dog.

To return to the story-
Then my parents came home, and we decided to spend our free afternoon watching Prairie Home Companion: the movie, which I would not highly recommend. Listen to the actual radio show on NPR instead.

To recover from that cinematic disaster, I ran out to blockbuster and got disc 1 of Firefly, my mother cooked  homemade pizzas, and we proceeded to eat our way through the entire first disc. I’m trying to get my family into it- Mark seems hooked, but my parents are skeptical. Ah well.

We were interrupted in our impromptu Firefly marathon by a surprise visit from our darling pastor, who was in the area. All told, he came at a remarkably good time- the house is stuffed with sweets and we just cleaned it yesterday. We enjoyed chatting for a while. Well, I teased him and he teased me back, and so it went. Good Irish priest.

Speaking of Firefly, for those who haven’t heard ( I was late on the draw on this ), the creators have produced another fun tiny project, called Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog. Think mad scientist plus witty musical. Awesome stuff. Go over to and watch it for free. While you’re there, you can watch Firefly episodes for free there too, among other shows.

What was I saying? Oh, my day. Yup, that was it, always parked in front of the computer or TV, always with family, always relaxing and enjoying life. What more can you ask for?



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3 responses to “This is paradise

  1. I’ll lend you the Firefly series. Remember to ask me before you take off to Greece. And don’t forget the coffee I owe you!

    A fellow Browncoat

  2. Linda

    Good day – GREAT picture. What sweeties!

  3. bronzedshoe

    Maria, we just finished the series and Serenity. Mark loved it, my parents are ok with it. They prefer less moral ambiguity in their cinema, and more humor. To each their own. Are you free sometime this week to catch up and get coffee? Maybe we could get the Willitses in on it too- I need to catch up with everybody so badly.

    Linda- thanks. We were pretty cute, weren’t we? And doesn’t Grandpa look just like Daddy? I guess maybe it’s the other way around.

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