what a guy

Sorry I have been absent recently. The end of my finals week and the drive home were horrendous, but it was all completely worth it, because I was home in time to see this:

what a guy, originally uploaded by squiggledot.

That’s my baby brother, all grown up and playing St. Joseph in his Christmas pageant. My parents and I got all weepy watching him, and I’m sure they were thinking much the same thing that I was: how did this little boy, whom I held as a baby and watched over as a child, grow up into such a wonderful and handsome young man? I could not be more proud of this kid.

That was Friday. Since then, I have caught a cold, shopped at Perimeter Mall with my family, played Gabriel in an Annunciation re-enactment, and slept 90% of Sunday’s daylight hours. I feel much better after all of that sleep. So much so that I got around to uploading photos off of my camera – go see them at my flickr account! I am SO glad to be home. Happy holidays, everyone.


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